viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Icons and body type

Hello darling

How are you? Im pretty good enjoying Easter and all traditions typical from this season :). I would like to share something in what I have been recently thinking. When it comes to celebrities most of them are fabulous, the wear the right make up, the appropriate clothes colors etc thinking about this I found out that there is a whole theories about what to wear, how to wear etc. Your body type and colors make the difference to choose. As you already know we have around 6 body types and there are some basic tips that you should know it order to shine more than you normally do J

One example of the need we all have to take the most advantage to our physical aspect is Kim Kardashian. I know that some of you probably do not like her but she is the example of someone who does not have the typical figure and still looks amazing and makes people like her. As you can see she does not use to wear casual outfits (because maybe she does not shine as much as with formal) and most of the times she does not mix colours or at least more than two.


As concussion all matters is that we all are fantastic, it does not matter if your hips are bigger or smaller, just feel confident, trust in your inherent attractive and allow people to see how fantastic you are.   

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