martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

with the same dress


I bought this dress some weeks ago in one of the last UO sales…I was a kind of scary thinking that maybe this design was not the more suitable to me but finally I think that I like it how it looks despite my legs in picture seem like floppy :S but this picture is just to show the dress….lol

Me compré este vestido hace algunas semanas en las rebajas de UO…estaba un poco rallada pensando qeu quizás el diseño no era el más adecuado pero finalmente creo que luce bonito a pesar de que mis piernas en las fotos parecen de plastilina..pero como las fotos son solo para enseñar el vestido…lol

I am still in shock with the latest news in media….and I am not going to write too much more..

Todavía estoy en shock con las últimas noticias en media…y no voy a escribir mucho más…

By the way have you already buy something in sales? Or do you have some special garment in mind?

Por cierto habéis comprador algo ya en las rebajas? O tenéis alguna prenda especial en mente?

viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Black red and White

Fridays are our Casual day which means that we can dress even jeans thing that in my opinion is quite good because you can express your self….with girls is easy because we have a longer range of options but guys who have to wear suit during whole week feel a great difference.

Los viernes son nuestro “casual day” lo cual significa que podemos vestir vaqueros incluso, hecho que en mi opinión es muy buena ya que te permite expresarte …..Con las chicas no es más fácil porque nosotras tenemos un mayor número de opciones pero para los chicos que tiene que vestir traje durante la semana, hace una gran diferencia.

Today I am tired…is terrible when you have to weak up every day at 6:15….at the end you are not able to go to sleep before 12h and during all week you just sleep around 6 hours or less…..Now I just want to go to sleep and spend time with the important people to me…

Hoy estoy cansada, es terrible cuando tienes que levantarte cada día a las 6:15….al final no eres capaz de irte a dormir antes de las 12h y durante toda la semana solamente duermes sobre 6 horas o menos….Ahora lo único que quiero es ir a dormir y pasar tiempo con las personas importantes para mi…

By the way have you ever thought about all those persons who work during the night…I am realizing of how complicated it could be for them in terms of social life….

Por cierto, habéis alguna vez pensado sobre toda esa gente que trabajan durante la noche…me estoy dando cuenta de lo muy complicado que puede ser para ellos en lo que a su vida social respecta…





martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Cameo old style

Today is being a crazy raining day…with high risk of war in North Corea, with all markets falling…but I don’t care…in these kind of  days you just need to wear your vintage string of pearls to think that there have been periods as bas as actual and everything will continue running out….and with time everything will be normal and good again…

Hoy está siendo un loco día de lluvia...con riesgo de una guerra en Corea del norte y con todos los mercados cayendo …pero no me preocupo…ya que en este tipo de días tu solo necesitas vestir tu collar de perlas vintage y pensar que ha habido periodos en la historia tan malos como el actual y que todo continuará girando…y que con tiempo todo volverá a ser normal y bueno de nuevo..


domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

Old woman much protective

Sometimes I wonder how is the perfect roll of us in this society...we are independent we are free and able to do all we want but we still have in our mind this a behaviour standard...but my point is that now we can decide if we want cleen or cook and to me this is not sexism because we have the right to decide if we want or not to do it....

My friends use to jolk me saying that I am like this old retro womes who love cooking but this doesn´t mean that all I want in my life is to be at home doing this....

What do you think? Have you ever feel like this?

miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010


This weekend I cooked some cupcakes...last times I cooked them I had some misfortune but this time fortunately I got them!!!!! Maybe the colour is too much intense but I thought it could be funny to make them pink :)

Este fin de semana cociné algunos cupcakes…la última vez que los había hecho tuve problemas (con el horno) pero afortunadamente esta vez lo conseguí!!!!Quizás el color es muy intenso pero yo pensé que sería divertido hacerlos rosas :)

Monday I brought them to the office (sometimes I bring cakes) and my workmates eat all of them. There were two different covers (cheese and white chocolate) and all said that they were very good and it made me feel happy...

El lunes los llevé a la oficina (a veces llevo pasteles) y mis colegas de trabajo se los comieron todos. Había dos tipos diferentes de cobertura (queso y chocolate blanco) y todos dijeron que estaban muy buenos lo cual me hizo muy feliz…

In spite of my pink cakes this week is supposed to be a healthy one :)

A pesar de los pastelitos rosas esta semana espero poder tener una diet asana :)



martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Flowers with my old bag


Today it has been a very complicated day….all was perfect yesterday and someone has gone away forever….we think are ready to hear a new because we have already thought about it but once it became real it hurts as If you have never consider it.

Furthermore markets are going down very hard (Greek problem is a crazy thing today)…

Today I am sad but I know the world continues running…and we need to be strong….

lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Monday Monday

After two weeks without regular posting I have decided to come back since now to my old habits :). Last weeks too many wonderful things have happened in my life and sometimes it is necessary to forget about routine and just live dangerously :) well In this case is better to say "dangerously" because maybe this is not the most suitable word...

Después de un par de semanas sin publicar regularmente he decidido volver a mis antiguos hábitos  Las pasadas semanas muchas cosas maravillosas ocurrieron en mi vida y a veces es necesario olvidar la rutina y simplemente vivir peligrosamente J bueno en este caso es mejor decir “peligrosamente” porque quizás esta no sea la palabra más adecuada…

I hope you like the dress, picture is not very good but in reality it looks great with a gold-leather belt.

Espero que os guste el vestido, la foto no es muy Buena pero al vivo queda precioso con un cinturón de cuero y aplicaciones doradas.



viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

Trip back Home

Today again I will go home in Spain, the truth is that this weekend will be special because is the wedding anniversary of my parents!!! And I could lose it!

Those days have been very intense, too many things to do, to many things to live and feelings to sense…I am tired and I have forgotten a lot about blogging but I bring my compute to prepare nice things to update about.

Just some pictures of what my trip is going to be…by the way sometimes I use to embroider (I think that this is the correct word) in the train, I also read, listen music and etc….What do you do to spend your time travelling?

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

With my head in the clouds

Last days I have been very busy!!! The truth after all is that I feel full of energy and happy. Sometimes in life everything change and all you can do is try to enjoy this new situation…this is why I am with my head in the clouds…I saw this t-shirt last week and I thought It is made to me!!! I need it!!! And finally I got it! What do you think?

Últimamente he estado muy ocupada!!! La verdad es que a pesar de ello me sietno llena de energía y feliz. A veces en la vida todo cambia y lo único que puedes hacer es disfrutar esta nueva situación…esto es por lo que mi cabeza está en las nubes…Vi esta camiseta la semana pasada y pensé “tienes que ser mía!!! La necesito!!! ” Y finalmente la conseguí! Qué os parece?

By the way, have you even feel the need to cook to someone? Because now I do!!!

Por cierto habéis tenido alguna vez la necesidad de cocinar para alguien? Porque ahora yo la tengo!!!