lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Walking in Lisbon

This weekend  has been great!!!

Now I am too much tired and this is probably I am not going to write a lot....and even worse I am not going to post any fashion picture (I am already contradicting my self because I made this to post about cakes and clothes...) Anyway....After a great Saturday in which I eat shushi and drink Sangria made with berries (sweet sweet sweet....)I have spend the day walking around and in a Lisbon jazz out a festival in a big park where the people was drinking dancing and having a good time....I took some pictures to show you how nice it was!!!
The problem I have to face here is that sometimes girls are not getting so dress up then It makes me feel confuse about how should I go??? What is your opinion continue dressing as you have always do or try to adapt to the situation? it is true that there could be a mix of both but it is not easy!!!! (At least in this case)

Tomorrow I expect to be able to post about other important icon...I am checking all my Icons because now is time to buying fall clothes and I preparing a lot to buy the correct things ( Yesterday I saw a Moschino bag AMAZING in red like the typical Chanel but a little bit bigger....maybe I will buy then.. I am thinking and making re consideration if I should buy it!)

To finish.....some nice pictures of this afternoon (from the festival and Lisbon buildings)


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