sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

Mis Iconos V

The morning after....

Yesterday we had a dinned and as obviously we finish going out to drink beers as is common in Lisbon, the streets are full of people and there are too many foreings so it becames lisbon in a very "cosmopolita" area.
The Cookies were good at least everybody ate them (lets better not think if they were honest hehehe).

My clothes were normal, I come from work and I didn´t have time to change at least we have “casual Friday”!!!!
 Today I have been thinking about what I can wear tonight and I stated to see pictures of Victory Ford in Lipstick Jumple because I like a lot her style, but at the end I will probably wear some normal stuff because here you can´t wear high shoes (the street has  cobblestones and you can break your heel or what is worst your ankle.
 PS: today Mascarpone with Cooffe cake will be made!!!

I will leave you some pictures!! Enjoy them and if you have free time take a look at the program because it was good, short but good and the girls style great!

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