martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Kitchens and Macarrons




Since I was a kid I use to dream with my future house. I have had too many phases and different ways to think about it...I have been minimalist or also Barroco follower....but with the time...I think that decoration has to be not jus with what you want and more with the style of the house where you live....the only thing now I am sure is about the kitchen....since I watched the movie practically magic I felt in love with the house...but even more with the kitchen....(you have some pictures above...)
Desde que era peqeuña solía soñar  con mi futura casa. He pasado muchas fases y diferentes maneras de pensar…he sido minimalista e incluso una seguidora del barroco…pero con el tiempo he llegado a considerar que la decoración tiene que ver no solo con lo que quieres si no que es dependiente del estilo de casa en la que vives…la única cosa sobre la que ahora estoy segura es sobre la cocina….desde que vi hace tiempo la película prácticamente magia me enamoré de la casa pero incluso más de la cocina..(arriba teneis algunas fotos…)

And kind of kitchen do you want? What is your favourite from the kitchen of the picture?
Y ahora…qué clase de cocina te gusta? Cual de las cocinas que he elegido te gusta más?

And to finish…My Macarrons: here you have a picture of my horrible macarron..the taste was good...but is SO DIFFICULT to do them ok..they were my first macarron..maybe next time I am able to improve!!! 
Y para acabar…mis Macarrons: aquí tneis una imagen de lso horribles macarrones…he de decir que tenían un saber delicidioso..pero son MUY DIFÍCILES de hacer….y ellos han sido mis primeros macarrón..quizás la próxima vez los mejore!!!

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  1. mi hermana y yo adoramos esa pelicula, cuando la vi de pequeña hice la lista de los detalles del chico ideal... yo quiero probar tus macarrons, me gustan todas las cocinas, ese sera un problema en mi vida como decorarla y elegir las cosas de mi casa

  2. Macarrons yummy. They are hard to make though they always taste so good.

  3. that big white house really IS my dream house!
    and yummmm macaroons :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

  4. Hmmm, I think I like the 7th and the last kitchen. I dream about a pretty, organised, space filled kitchen. With a real stove! And a dishwasher especially. And a real sink... I live in a rented unit-thing so it's bit weird.
    Whenever I do the dishes I just think about how good dishwashers are.
    But anyways, I like those two because minimalist is almost too sterile like a lab, but I don't want it to be girly and cluttered either, because I still think kitchens should be fairly minimal... maybe just some nice tiles :)